• Teaching those who care the most how to help those who need it the most

  • At Noora Health, our mission is to train patients and their families with high-impact health skills to improve outcomes and save lives


    We turn hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms and enable family members to provide care in the hospital and at home. This is how it works. . .

    Compassionate Resource

    We tap into an available, highly compassionate and willing resource. The family member.

    Activate with Education

    We turn hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms where family members learn high-impact, hands-on health skills.

    Hands-On Training

    Family members are able to practice the skills in the safety of the hospital before they return home.

    Recovery with Confidence

    Families return home with confidence. As a result, we reduce return hospital visits, reduce the incidence of preventable complications and replace anxiety with confidence for the caregiver.

  • Meet Arjun


    "My son has been doing better at the training than any of us - he is the star student. He never forgets to remind us, even the nurses, to wash our hands."


    Arjun, a young boy recovering from open heart surgery, learns about his condition alongside his father and helps us design take-home materials for his family to use when they return to their village.

    Bangalore, India

    Meet Aditi

    Aditi takes care of her husband at home after surgery. She is not literate and was apprehensive about the training program at first. She completed the training, and when we visited them in their rural village in north east India several months later, she had nearly every word from the training still memorized and had practiced the skills perfectly to her husband’s benefit.

    Rural West Bengal, India

    Meet Krishna

    “What you have taught me will help me take care of not only my father, but my whole family. I will teach this to my whole village. Teach me everything you can.”


    Krishna accompanied his father to the hospital for his open heart surgery. They live on a farm a day's journey from the hospital. In this photo, he is practicing how to take a pulse – a skill he learned in the training.

    Hyderabad, India


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  • Our Impact

    A story told in numbers


    Family Members Trained


    Hospitals Activated


    Reduction in 30 Day Readmissions


    Reduction in Anxiety


    Reduction in Post-Surgical Complications

    *updated data to be released in late 2017

    Want to read more about the impact we had in 2016? Download our annual impact report here:

  • The Most Innovative Companies of 2016

    Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the world for 2016, #2 Most Innovative in India

    Turning Loved Ones Into Caregivers

    “There’s nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer and not knowing what to do.”

    Medical Program Helps Ease Strain On Hospitals In Developing Countries

    "Noora Health’s early success suggests that while healthcare systems are indeed strapped for cash, untapped resources like family members could alleviate the burden on physicians at a very low cost."


    "From hallways to classrooms. We exist to transform health care from a scary and sterile experience into something full of compassion and love."

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