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Care Companion Digital Follow-up

Our digital follow-up service aims to promote healthy practices and health seeking behaviors in our patients and caregivers, by providing continued care when families leave the healthcare facility and return to their communities.

This service connects patients and caregivers with our medical experts, with simple health messages on WhatsApp, sent to their registered numbers on a regular basis.  This also allows users to ask any questions, and clear their doubts about taking care of their loved ones, and get live responses that support their recovery journey.  

The service currently supports 6 languages – English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi and Marathi,  and will continue to  be updated with more regional support.

HealthAlert Service

for Bangladesh

We have partnered with the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (People’s Republic of Bangladesh) to operate the official Government of Bangladesh COVID-19 WhatsApp line. This service provides all the latest COVID-19 information and official guidelines for the people of Bangladesh.

COVID-19 Partner Support Line

Our health education content is freely available in 14 regional languages and is being utilized by several partner organizations to educate diverse communities across India. The Partner Support Line shares updated COVID-19 materials with these organizations and their field workers on the frontlines.

Maternal and Child Health Support Line

This service provides guidance on antenatal and postnatal care practices and healthy behaviours for new mothers and their families in India. It also provides live chat support, where families can send in their queries and have them answered by our certified medical professional partners.

Patient Care Companion - Punjab

For general post-discharge patient care (primarily medical and surgical patients) The areas include non-communicable disease (ie T2DM and HTN) recognition and prevention (including diet, exercise, smoking prevention) as well as providing clarity on acute disease recognition and when and where to seek help within the Indian health system.


Cardiac Care Companion


For Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery post discharge support Families can register by giving a missed call to their state specific number shared when they are in the cardiac hospitals. The content has been written in partnership with cardiologists and surgeons and covers frequently asked questions by the patient as well as information that the doctors feel are the most important.


The pre-surgical messages preps patients for the surgery by reducing fear and anxiety and helps them feel more empowered to take on the surgery and life after. The post surgical content aims to reduce post surgical complications, help patients ease into the recovery stage and prepare for life after. It covers care of site of incision, diet, exercises and other lifestyle changes

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