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General Medical

and Surgical Care

There has been a growing interest from hospitals in developing a training that effectively addresses basic health and hospital behaviors and can be delivered to all admitted inpatients across wards. This program allows us to have a presence across an entire facility.

Our General Medical and Surgical Care curriculum addresses some of the common health problems for which training could feasibly result in positive health impacts for patients. 

The program is presently being implemented in 28 hospitals in India by our local partners, in collaboration with the state governments of Punjab and Karnataka. 

Our Model

General Medical and Surgical Care

Engaging Content

We develop high quality,  culturally contextualized, medically accurate and engaging multimedia materials.

Training of Trainers

Nurses are trained on effective communication and how best to utilize our materials for different patient communities. 

Implementation Support

We advise governments and hospital administrators on optimizing and scaling program operations.

Following Up Digitally

The General Medical and Surgical Support WhatsApp line reinforces health behavior change and connects families with medical practitioners. 



Various tools and frameworks ensure training sessions are high quality and feedback is integrated into program design.

Expected Impact on Health Outcomes


health knowledge,

health-seeking, and




hospital behavior

of patients

and caregivers


patient and caregiver




patient satisfaction

with the

health system

Increase staff and hospital satisfaction

and productivity

Evaluation to further understand the impact on these outcomes is being launched Q3 2021.

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Focus Areas 


Key topics include monitoring vitals signs, recognizing warning signs, nutrition, performing appropriate activity/exercise, treatment adherence, management of diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases.

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03 Products


Human-centered design drives the creation of our materials. Developing training materials is an iterative process involving rapid prototyping and extensive testing for both visual and medical literacy.

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03 Languages


Language and socio-cultural relevance are key considerations while adapting products to suit the needs of different regions and communities.

English |  Punjabi  | Kannada 

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If you are interested in adapting our health education content or implementing this approach in your hospital, please fill in the Contact Form or write to us at