Cancer is a major global health problem that is projected to grow due to expanding and ageing populations along with a general shift towards more sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets. The lack of well-functioning primary healthcare systems as well as resources for mass screening and vaccination means effective cancer prevention is still a distant dream in many countries. Further, treatment is expensive and limited to a small subset of the population. Our curriculum covers the fundamentals of cancer, and the misconceptions and myths surrounding it. It informs cancer inpatients on recommended behaviours, treatment options, side effects and warning signs, while also addressing population-level aspects of prevention such as tobacco cessation, diet modification and cancer screening.

What we do

Noora Health India Trust is a healthcare non-profit organisation dedicated to patient and caregiver education. The Care Companion Program, turns hospital hallways/wards into classrooms and taps

Program Reach


Family members trained to date

Our Products

Human centred design drives our product creation. Developing training materials is a constant process that involves several iterations, rapid prototyping and extensive testing for both visual and medical literacy. Languages and socio-cultural relevance are also a key consideration while adapting products to suit the needs of different regions.


We create a range of short videos in different styles- dramatized, instructional and animated. Links to these videos are shared after training sessions to allow patients and families to re-watch them at their convenience.


Flipcharts are the primary tool utilized by nurses while conducting training sessions. They are dual sided - the front face (for the audience) showcases a unique, relevant illustration and the back face (for the nurse) contains all the information to be communicated, including ideas for questions to ask and demonstrations.


The intent behind takeaways is for the user to be able to keep something with them to improve memory and recall of the training session. Takeaways are distributed immediately after a training session and utilize both visuals and text for effective messaging.

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