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Cancer is a major global health problem that is projected to grow due to expanding and ageing populations along with a general shift towards more sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets. The lack of effective primary healthcare and prohibitive costs means prevention is still a distant dream for many. 

Our curriculum addresses not only the fundamentals of cancer and its management, but also the fear, misconceptions and myths surrounding the disease.

The program is presently being implemented in x hospitals in India by our local partners, in collaboration with the state governments

of a, b and c.

Impact on Health Outcomes

03 Focus Areas 

Key topics include recommended behaviours, treatment options, side effects and warning signs, and population-level aspects of prevention such as tobacco cessation, diet modification and cancer screening. 

Adult Cardiology  |  Adult Cardiac Surgery  |      PLACEHOLDER

Pre-Op Paediatric Cardiology  |  Pre-Op Paediatric Cardiology

03 Products


Human-centred design drives the creation of our materials.  Developing training materials is an iterative process involving rapid prototyping and extensive testing for both visual and medical literacy. 

04 Languages


Language and socio-cultural relevance are key considerations while adapting products to suit the needs of different regions and communities.

Hindi  |  Punjabi  |  Marathi  |  Kannada 

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