Digitally engaging frontline health providers, patients and families post discharge

Hospitals see a flurry of activity everyday, and discharge millions of patients over the span of a year. When 80% of discharge instructions are forgotten immediately and 50% of what's remembered is incorrect, digital engagement provides critical health information for patients and families and also motivates nurses as they deliver effective training sessions in their wards.

For Patients and Families: Aarogya Seva

Loosely translated as ‘Healthy Service’ in Hindi, this messaging service enables our local partners to continue to connect with families post discharge to reinforce health behaviour change. Chat services such as Whatsapp are utilized to send valuable health information via text messages and video.


By allowing for two-way communication with trained and qualified health providers, Aarogya Seva also answers health related questions families may encounter once they return home. The impact of Aarogya Seva is already being measured: since the launch of the pilot for maternal and newborn health, 31,000+ maternal health messages, rich in content, have been delivered.  A dedicated medical team has also answered more than 1,500 queries asked by families. Care is taken to ensure that no medications are prescribed and families are urged to call 108 or report to the nearest hospital for emergencies.

Since the launch of the pilot for maternal and newborn health, 31,000+ maternal health messages have been delivered and a dedicated medical team has answered 1,500+ queries asked by families. 

For Nurses: Namaste Nurse

The Namaste Nurse mobile application is a platform for engaging, motivating and educating nurses on family-centred care. It allows nurses of the Care Companion Program to connect with us and each other. The application acts both as a social media engagement platform, as well as a means to streamline logistics and record keeping.

The app feed comprises of informative photos, videos, trainer tools and tips, quizzes, motivational posts, global health awareness days, etc. Nurses can also update and view their personal journey on the app- logging in attendance hours, number of sessions conducted, etc.

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