Even the best of us

find ourselves in sticky situations sometimes!


Here are some cheat sheets

to help you unlock the mysteries

of the wizarding world.

Is it necessary to attend the Retreat? Must I work all day and then attend in the evening?

Yes, it is necessary. We are all here to connect with each other in a way we may not have been able to during the year - that means no meetings during the day! We have some fun activities planned instead, and also plenty of time for rest and relaxation.

What time should I join in?

Punctuality is key to a great show. It's best to join in a couple of minutes before time - better early than late.

Do I need to have my video & audio on all through the Retreat?

We might not be able to see you in person, but we definitely want to see you virtually! Please keep your video on as much as possible. If you’re having internet/bandwidth issues, turn your video off for some time and then try turning it on again. Do mute yourself while others are speaking.

How do I ask questions if any, during the Retreat?

Questions are always welcome! When you’re in a session, feel free to use the chat box to ask questions.

What if I have difficulty with understanding something?

Our team is very diverse, and members speak many different languages. They will help out regularly. If you know someone/have a friend on the team, you can also send them a message and they will respond as soon as possible.

How do I actually join the Retreat?

Click on ‘ The Journey’ tab. Once the page loads, you will find three buttons - one for each day of the Retreat. Choose which day you want to join, and click on the button. That’s it!

I am having technological difficulties or am unable to log in.

Please reach out to Sreeram or Shreiya on Slack. If you don't have a Slack account, please email them.